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Are You Someone Who is a High Performer, or Wants to Become one? We Offer a Group Fitness (Better Boot Camp) Program Like NO Other...Think Personal Training but in a Group Setting!

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I Changed my life 100%

Everyone Wants to Lose Weight, but if You Don't Have Accountability You'll NEVER Get There. Don't Go It Alone.- Bre Harris

client testimonial

I Lost 100 Pounds!!!

When I Stepped on the Scale and Saw 299 lbs...I About Passed Out. I Knew I Had to Do Something. I'll NEVER Stop.- Nathan Babb

a5 athlete training program

Are You An Athlete?

Are You Looking to Get Bigger, Faster, Stronger??? If You are Looking For a Sports Specific Program A5 is Just For You!

Grade 5-12 & College

a5 athlete program

Are You looking to move Up the Ranks or Grab A Scholarship? Let us help You Put a Plan together to Take it to the NEXT LEVEL.




Anonymous Client 90 Day Program:

"Jessica had been feeling lost. She'd been struggling to find her purpose in life but all hope seemed lost. She was struggling to get by- living paycheck to paycheck- and she was in the worst shape of her life.Then Jessica had an epiphany: why not commit to 90 days of intense effort? She set herself a goal: in the next 90 days, she would work as hard as he could to change her life.So Jessica dove headfirst into her workout program. Nothing was going to stop her. She gave up partying, worked late night shifts, got up early, and invested in the right people and resources to get ahead.90 days later, she had completely transformed her life. She lost 32 pounds, became mentally stronger, and committed herself to projects that shifted her life in the direction she wanted it to go.The woman who had felt so lost just 90 days before now accepted every challenge that came her way and was filled with ambition and enthusiasm for the future."


Fitness App

Personal Training App

Would You be Interested in an App that Tells you EXACTLY what to do? How about an App that has a COMMUNITY of People to keep you ACCOUNTABLE? You don't Even Have to be From The Area! WAIT!!! How about Just $1 a Month?!

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During the Assessment we Will go Over Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, etc. and See if You Are In Need of Our Services. (FREE of Charge, No Commitment).

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Are You Looking For Your Own Private Gym? How about 24 Hour Access? How about Only a LIMITED Amount of Members Can Join?

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